2015: A Year of Action

Making a promise

In 2014 I went through more change than the last five years combined. I quit a "good" job, went back to school, got married, went through an accelerator, and am now part of a startup.

"2014 was a year of..."

How would you finish that sentence? For me, that sentence reads "2014 was a year of learning". I am now employed, but for the majority of 2014 I was really just learning. I went from knowing nothing about coding (other than some SQL querying from databases) to attending and graduating from The Iron Yard Academy, helping Nine Startups build digital health products, and working on a full fledged Ruby on Rails SaaS product. But in my world, learning, theory, and writing about building software products isn't going to cut it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that learning is a bad thing. I would do it all over again if I had the opportunity, but, and this is a BIG but, now is the time to stop learing and "do." 2015 will be different.

I am making a promise to myself, that I am going to take action this year and "do". No more excuses for not starting, for not executing, or for not trying. At the end of 2015, I want to be able to say

"2015 was a year of action"

Below is a list of Goals, resolutions, and actions for this year. This is as much for you as it is for me, I need to create the accountability.

My Goals for 2015:

  • Create a "how to start a startup" guide through my personal account
  • Create a SaaS product with a viable business model
  • Grow MoonClerk's MRR
  • Provide emotionally/physically/financially for my family
  • Take my health seriosuly (what everyone does...eat right, exercise more)

I share the story above to bring you up to speed on how I arrived at these goals and a year of action. Two of these more personal goals won't be discussed on this blog. However, the other three goals will be the blog's core content and are what I am going to share with the world (thats you!!!). I may crash and burn, build something cool, or even become a millionaire. What ever happens, I want to share the entire experience and hold myself accountable to action.

I hope to write an account that shows readers that the stories you hear on the news about people making millions are just stories of ordinary people solving real problems.

And so it begins...