The "52 Weeks to Start a Startup" Experiment

The point of this story

After my previous post about taking action in 2015, you may be wondering if I have taken any steps thus far? Let's recap.

My Goals for 2015:

  • Create a guide and personal account on "how to start a startup"
  • Create a SaaS product that has a viable business model
  • Grow MoonClerk's MRR
  • ...

The common thread is that each goal has to do with, you guessed it, startups! Since graduating from the The Iron Yard (TIY), my desire to start a start up has only gotten stronger. For my stability-loving wife, this was hard. We began 2015 with several long discussions about our family's financial goals and decided I needed a time frame. Thus was born, the "52 Weeks to Start a Startup" experiment.

So what exactly does that mean...

Great question! At the heart of all this is my desire to build something that is a "value add" to the world. I want to build, create, and selfishly, I want to prove to myself that I can do it. I will now share with you the elevator pitch that I gave my wife:

I am building a startup in 2015. Currently, I am not quite sure what that startup will be, but I WILL start one. I'm going to be applying the ideas and knowledge that I gained in 2014 to "The 52 Week Startup Experiment". Throughout the 52 weeks of 2015, I will create a narrative chroniciling the creation of my startup from beginning to end. The plan is to blog every other week about key components of building a startup including ideas, market validation, accounting, and growth. While building this narrative, I will be practicing what I preach. I plan to take the advice and knowledge that I am sharing with readers, and apply it to my very own startup. I will describe each step I take on the blog as well.

This was a very candid conversation where I "pitched" to my wife the dream that I can't seem to shake. The good news is that she agreed to my crazy idea. I don't think I could do this without the support she has shown and continues to show me.

The How to Start a Startup Guide

I present to you the real life story of the "52 Weeks to Start a Startup" experiment. I'm going to try and give you the guide for starting a startup that I wish I had when I started. There are a ton of resources about starting a startup, but they are not all created equal. Some advice should be avoided entirely. I'm hoping that I'll be able to present theories and strategies that save you time and money.

Please comment, letting me know of any specific topics you'd like me to cover! Iā€™m excited about this experiment and hope you've decided to join. See you next week!